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We specialize in acquiring, growing, and selling online businesses

200+ Business Exits

We’ve acquired, grown, and flipped over 200+ businesses

Experts since 2008

Our team has combined 50+ years of experience

Industry Recognized

We’ve been recognized by top publications

We buy, grow, and sell online businesses

Inventige acquires underperforming under-utilized online businesses that have room for growth. We position these businesses for sale and find strategic buyers.

Mushfiqur Sarker

Digital real estate provides the opportunity to obtain outsized returns that is is not correlated with conventional markets. We apply our years of growth tactics to grow businesses into 6-7 figure assets.

– Mushfiq S, Founder

Flagship Brands

The Website Flip

The Website Flip Newsletter is our media channel where we share case studies, guides, reports, and deal flow for online business acquisitions.


ImportDojo is another media channel where we share deal flow and deep-dives in the Amazon FBA & eCommerce space.

WebAcquisition is an M&A advisory firm that helps business buyers with due diligence, growth strategies, and mergers.

Stream SEO was founded in 2012 to cover all things digital marketing and SEO. We acquired this brand in Q1 2022.

Flagship Products aggregates all websites for sale from top brokers making it easy to filter and find your next acquisition. is a database of growth strategies to 10X revenues on acquisitions. is a due diligence dashboard and questions database that can be used to analyze acquisitions.

Add & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon is a WordPress plugin that finds and replaces Amazon affiliate links in bulk. We acquired this in Q4 2021.

Meet The Team

Our team has combined 50+ years of experience building and growing content websites, SaaS, e-commerce, and other such online businesses.

Mushfiqur Sarker

Mushfiq Sarker


Mushfiq has been active in this industry since 2008 with over 200+ successful website flips. He focuses on acquisitions and growth strategies for Inventige.

David Holmes

David Holmes


David Holmes is the co-founder of Import Dojo. He brings 6+ years of Amazon FBA and eCommerce experience with several 6-figure business exits. He is an expert in all things eCommerce.

luka juretic

Luke Juretic


Luka brings a decade-plus of experience in brand building, and website investing. He was the ex-Head of Due Diligence at the Investors Club marketplace. He handles due diligence and is the Lead Analyst at


Charles Sipe

Technical Analyst

Charles writes technical content that analyzes market trends in the website investing and SEO industry.

Rob Mills

Domain Analyst

Rob is a data analyst by day with years of experience analyzing trends in the domain industry. He shares this knowledge with our audience by analyzing domains for sale.

Colin Ma

Website Deal Analyst

Colin brings years of experience performing due diligence on online businesses. He shares this knowledge with our audience by analyzing businesses for sale.


Shane Dayton

Technical Writer

Shane brings technical expertise in building his own portfolio of online businesses. He writes about acquisitions, growth, and SEO.

Vukasin Ilic

Vukasin Ilic

SEO Specialist

Vukasin helps Inventige grow its portfolio of online businesses through SEO. He brings over a decade of experience managing SEO for top brands.